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Superdry Fresh with Hae Jun

Dear friends,

I hope this post finds you well! This week, I had the utmost pleasure to have a photo shoot with Hae Jun, a GW Sophomore. You’ll see him next week in GW’s “Who Wore It Best” online competition modeling the light blue Oxford shirt, but I wanted to give you an *exclusive* look at our photo shoot.

Since I’ve been illustrating the more casual side all semester, I wanted to show you how you can dress up with Superdry! If you like what you see, you can find similar shirts here and here. Lastly, to learn more about Hae Jun, check out our mini Q&A Section below.


I couldn’t help but have fun with black & white:

Q&A with Hae Jun

1. What are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in many Asian-American base organizations, including the Korean Cultural Organization as VP, Pi Delta Fraternity Inc. as Recorder, Social Chair, and ASA (Asian Student Alliance) rep. I’m also part of the ASA E-Board as the Community Service Chair. I casually play soccer with KSA Soccer Team. (Man I’m pretty involved huh?)

2. If a Superdry store could be opened in DC, what’s the best location in your opinion?

If a store can be opened in DC, Georgetown District will be PERFECT. Fits right into the atmosphere. Pentagon City Mall would work too! Superdry, please open up a store here. If a store opens here, I’m definitely going to be broke!

There you have it folks! Another Superdry Fresh *Ladies* Edition is coming up later today!

As usual, Stay Superdry.



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