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From London to DC, Stay Superdry

Hey friends,

It’s really intriguing for me to think how global and well known Superdry has become. From David Beckham with the famous Brad leather jacket in London to GWU campus in Washington, DC, Superdry’s notoriety keeps growing.

While it’s a bit unfortunate that there are not many Superdry store in the US, keep on talking, facebooking, tweeting about Superdry and let’s push for more stores! Keep those classic orange bags and use ‘em to grab people’s attention. Personally, I’d love a store or two in Washington D.C., and since my journey as a Brand Ambassador, I’ve been asked repeatedly where the *nearest* Superdry store is (718 Broadway, NYC, but now a new store has opened in Times Square, woo!!!). 

Rock the orange, and promote the brand!

As always, Stay Superdry.



Last Superdry Event at GWU

Hey friends!

I hope you are finishing up your exams and packing up to start your summers! What a semester it’s been…I am now home in Boston, but that hasn’t stopped me from stayin’ Superdry! 

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures rom the Superdry Graduation Event that was held on May 9th. Thank you to all my friends for coming out! I know it was a busy and stressful week, but it really meant a lot. I hope you will continue to stay Superdry throughout the summer and more :)

Enjoy the pics!

That’s it folks. Have a great Sunday and Mother’s Day!

As always, Stay Superdry.



Superdry Love at GWU

Hey friends!

It occurred to me that I officially became the ‘Superdry Girl’ on campus when I started getting people posting on my facebook/tweeting me/sending me text messages with pictures or an exciting “I just saw someone wearing Superdry and I thought of you!”. All of this has made me *so happy* because it is confirmation that I am getting the job of spreading Superdry done! I really want to thank all of my friends, family, and peers for recognizing my effort. If you are all just as excited as me about Superdry, then I must be doing something right. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from the past month that sums up what I just mentioned.

That’s it for now folks. I hope studying is going well!!! 

As Always, Stay Superdry.



Superdry Street Stylin’ on Campus with Emi

Hey friends!

I hope you are all keeping calm and carryin’ on during finals week. I can’t believe the spring semester is quickly coming to an end. Although this also means that my journey as a Superdry Brand Ambassador is also coming to a close, I will still be blogging all throughout this month!!! By next week, I’ll be home in Boston, but I have a surprise/special idea in mind on how to keep up the Superdry spirit!

DC has been quite warm lately, and as I mentioned in my previous posts, the flowers have been in full bloom. Bright colors are the way to go, and so when I spotted this outstanding orange-clad Superdry girl, I just had to document her. Emi, a GWU junior, is wearing the oh-so-adorable crop top (similar one here). To make the orange stand out on its own, she effortlessly paired this cute top with white distressed jeans and gold accessories, and finally pulling her hair away from her face. It’s a simple and casual look, but with the right style, you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd! Check out our photo shoot below.

Of course, my favorite black&white:

Rock the orange, Stay Superdry!



Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: GuchiGuchi

Event Recap: Hong Kong International Society x Superdry Fashion Show

Hey friends!

The second Superdry event at GWU was co-hosted with the Hong Kong International Society. We had a GREAT turn out, and everyone enjoyed the Spring/Summer 2012 Superdry collection. With a lot of preparation and help from many great friends, this event definitely exceeded my expectations!!!

Ok, enough from me. If you missed the event, definitely check out the photo collection below. (HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JASON KUO FOR BEING MY PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE NIGHT!)

gettin’ ready…little HKIS x Superdry souvenirs for all attendees :)

Guest Check in!

Models back stage! L to R: Kat, Andrea, Machi, Arisa, and Carolina

Woops, eyes closed :) L to R: Ron, Matt, Brian, and Cedric

HKIS Executive Board Members, Audrey and Martin helping me with raffles!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures! Check back for links on the clothes the models wore. I will make sure to post that, and meanwhile, if you are looking to buy something, definitely ask me for discount codes!

As always, Stay Superdry.



ps - Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: GuchiGuchi

Event Recap: Victoria Chan and Kappa Phi Lambda x Superdry

Hey friends!

I hope this post finds you well. The spring semester is quickly coming to an end, but I will be continuing with this blog until May so make sure to keep checking! I wanted to give you guys an event recap from the first Superdry event held on GWU campus. The event speaker of the night was Victoria Chan, a sister of Kappa Phi Lambda. Victoria currently works as Jackie Chan’s (actor) personal assistant, and she gave a fantastic presentation on how to succeed academically and professionally. Below are some pictures from the event, enjoy! 

Superdry Table!


Me with Victoria! Like my outfit? (Jacket - similar, Top, Jeans)

Raffle Winners!

Stay tuned for another event recap post from the HKIS x Superdry Fashion Show!

As aways, Stay Superdry.



ps - Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: GuchiGuchi



Superdry Fresh with Minnie

Happy Sunday friends!

As promised, here is the *ladies* edition! This week we have Minnie, a GW Senior (graduating so soon!). Similar to how I styled Hae Jun in a more formal manner, Minnie is rocking a cute tailored Superdry shirt with a long maxi skirt. If you want a similar option, check out this option or even this shorter sleeve one! Find out more about Minnie in our Q&A below! Enjoy!

More fun with black & white!

Q&A with Minnie

1. What are you involved in on campus?

I used to be the director of diversity and the vice president of professional development in Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity. The fraternity is all inclusive to all majors because we believe that business applies to every industry and getting a more well rounded brotherhood is important to us.

2. If a Superdry store could be opened in DC, what’s the best location in your opinion?

In Georgetown! I work for Michael kors (skirt I was wearing) and everyone asked me where I got my outfit from and where they could get the shirt to match the skirt!

There you have it folks! Stay tuned for next week’s posts because it’ll highlight the two events I hosted this past week!

As always, Stay Superdry.



Follow me on Instagram: GuchiGuchi and Twitter!

Superdry Fresh with Hae Jun

Dear friends,

I hope this post finds you well! This week, I had the utmost pleasure to have a photo shoot with Hae Jun, a GW Sophomore. You’ll see him next week in GW’s “Who Wore It Best” online competition modeling the light blue Oxford shirt, but I wanted to give you an *exclusive* look at our photo shoot.

Since I’ve been illustrating the more casual side all semester, I wanted to show you how you can dress up with Superdry! If you like what you see, you can find similar shirts here and here. Lastly, to learn more about Hae Jun, check out our mini Q&A Section below.


I couldn’t help but have fun with black & white:

Q&A with Hae Jun

1. What are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in many Asian-American base organizations, including the Korean Cultural Organization as VP, Pi Delta Fraternity Inc. as Recorder, Social Chair, and ASA (Asian Student Alliance) rep. I’m also part of the ASA E-Board as the Community Service Chair. I casually play soccer with KSA Soccer Team. (Man I’m pretty involved huh?)

2. If a Superdry store could be opened in DC, what’s the best location in your opinion?

If a store can be opened in DC, Georgetown District will be PERFECT. Fits right into the atmosphere. Pentagon City Mall would work too! Superdry, please open up a store here. If a store opens here, I’m definitely going to be broke!

There you have it folks! Another Superdry Fresh *Ladies* Edition is coming up later today!

As usual, Stay Superdry.



Follow me on Instagram: GuchiGuchi and Twitter!

Superdry Styling Session with Rumi

Friends, you’ve seen her before in the “Spotted: GWU Girls Edition” post…it’s Rumi! Check out our photo shoot pictures and read more about her below!

Q&A Session

GWU SDU: What are you involved in on campus? 

Rumi: I’ve been a sister of KPL for 2 years, and I’ve been super involved in the org since day one. I’ve been many positions in the sorority, and I am currently Vice President, Co-Rush Chair, and ASA (Asian Student Alliance) Rep. As Vice President I take care of internal affairs within the sorority, and interact with all sisters to make sure everything is running smoothly. As Co-Rush chair, I worked with my co chair to recruit new girls to our sorority. It was a pretty intense job, as it was a lot of networking and socializing and just overall reaching out to different types of girls. It was actually really fun getting to meet all these girls! As ASA rep, I am the rep for KPL on the ASA Eboard. In ASA, I am the Financial Officer, in charge of making sure all our financial stuff is in order.

GWU SDU: If you were to recommend a Superdry product to a friend, what would it be? 

Rumi: I LOVE the interior of the Wind Cheater, and it looks so cozy!

GWU SDU: If a Superdry store could be opened in DC, what’s the best location in your opinion?

Rumi: Hmmmm….I guess Georgetown? I feel like it’d bring a lot more young people to the area because it brings a different style (versus the Urban, HM, Juicy, and the American Apparel and all.. Superdry would bring a more athletic/urban sort of style to the M Street area!)

Rumi is a busy bee, but knows how to Stay Superdry while getting things done!
Thanks for your attention, and until next week!
PS - Follow me on Twitter!

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